Seminar | How to be more decisive


7. June 2017 18:40 - 21:30

Decisions, decision, decisions. How many you have made in the last three hours? No wonder we feel so tired of trying to decide.

Life is full of decisions – what to eat, who to marry, which sofa, where to live. How can we distinguish the major from the minor? Or rather, can we be more honest with ourselves about how much control we really have? Can we ever know whether we’ve got it right? Or is thinking in terms of wrong and right part of the problem?

Whether you find yourself dithering in a romantic situation, or know you’re putting off an important choice at work, this class tackles the matter of making your mind up. When should you take your time, and when should you stop procrastinating and act? When should you seize control, and when should you acknowledge your anxiety and lean into discomfort?

This is a class that takes apart our often unconscious decision-making styles and allows us to come to a clearer view of the biases in our minds that interfere with our ability to make optimal choices.


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