Seminar | How to be confident


2. May 2017 18:40 - 21:30

What is confidence and why does the lack of it have such a debilitating effect?

The difference between success and failure often hangs on an almost humiliatingly small and elusive concept that standard education never touches: confidence. Confidence is the capacity to trust ourselves, others and the world – despite uncertainty and the presence of challenge.

Importantly, our level of confidence is not impossible to shift, it is a skill that can be developed. We can all become more confident.

This class takes a close look at confidence and asks us to nurture it over time. Drawing on psychology, philosophy, music and anthropology, we learn to identify when and why we lack confidence, and how to overcome moments of paralysis and acute anxiety.

We ask what the difference is between confidence and arrogance, we find ways of handling the transition to being a more confident person, and reflect on how making ourselves more confident can be an enormous gift to others around us.


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