Event | Alain de Botton, on Emotional Intelligence at Work


5. May 2017 14:00 - 15:45

In this Special Event, Alain de Botton, philosopher and founder of The School of Life, will present his concept of emotional intelligence in the work space: “The Wise Office”.

De Botton points out why it is wise for companies to assume that – psychologically speaking – there are no “normal people“. While we are intent on acting rationally and considerately, under the surface, we are often plagued by unpredictable emotions, anxieties and insecurities. Therefore, “The Wise Office“ doesn’t adhere to the outdated and damaging idea that people can act “professionally“ all the time.

Alain de Botton will elaborate why a smart and successful business will therefore create a corporate culture that provides the possibility for staff members to grow up psychologically and develop emotional intelligence. For only if they have the essential emotional skills, understand themselves better, communicate better, and are resilient and flexible, will they be able to work effectively and efficiently, as a team.

This event is designed for all businesswomen and businessmen, managers, human resources managers and personnel who are curious to find out how companies and organizations can become more successful through the strengthening and the development of emotional skills.


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