29. June 2017 19:00 - 21:30

SoundCloud HQ

Rheinsberger Str. 66/67

HellowTalks WO|MEN is a series of panel talks on gender equality .

The principle of gender equality in the workplace is generally accepted, however gender inequality still persists. In the HellowTalk series we dig deeper. In each talk we take a different perspective. We question ourselves: how gender-biased are we and what do we, men and women, fail to see? By creating an open, friendly, critical atmosphere and facilitate discussion, we like to contribute to a better understanding of why gender inequality stills exists and how can we make a positive change.

Gender biases are embedded in our culture and education, so we need both men and women as part of the solution. The series are lead by a experienced moderator and the panel always involve 2 men and 2 women.


HellowTalks WO|MEN

First edition: Behaviour & Appearance
29th of June 2017
SoundCloud hq Berlin
Doors open at 7 pm

In the first talk we take a closer look at (un)conscious behaviour of men and women at work. Starting with the quote ‘you cannot not communicate’ (one of the five famous axioms of Paul Watzlawick), we’ll dive deeper in the world of behaviour and appearance. We all have biases, founded in our culture and education.

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