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A professional network for women in Berlin

Hellow is a new community in Berlin connecting dynamic, professional women from around the world. It’s a platform to exchange ideas, share events, and build relationships to enhance your business and expand your network.

We are not a network, we are not another ‘expat’ club. We are a connector, an open umbrella platform to make Berlin’s professional landscape transparent for professional women. We are here to create professional opportunities for women and encourage women to create opportunities for women. Our platform enables your ambition. Through a community of like-minded women, we help you to expand your network, alert you to events, and give you the resources you need to succeed in Berlin.



“One day, the first thing people new to Berlin will be told is: ‘Hey, You should join Hellow!’ ”

Ardine Verhoog / Community

I know what it’s like to establish myself in a new city and the value in maintaining ties in different countries. Having lived in Amsterdam, Paris, Hong Kong, and now Berlin, I know what it takes to rebuild in a new city. I set up my coaching and training business in Hong Kong in 2013 and have re-established a new, broader business here in Berlin With my international working experience, I will help build a platform that anticipates the needs of the Hellow community. My hope is that women arriving in Berlin are fast up to speed in this phase of their career and getting there by joining the Hellow community.


“Connecting with people is the core of new experiences.”

Noor van Boven / Strategy & Social Media

A passion for travel and international career opportunities have given me the opportunity to explore the world. I moved to Berlin for my role as Director of People at SoundCloud. By connecting with the Hellow community, I want to build a platform that gives women a space to inspire one another to success. I’m also passionate and energized about creating business-, mentoring- and speakers opportunities for women.


“International women have to find their way in a new city. By founding Hellow I am determined to speed up their process by helping them to create a network, meet likeminded people and feel at home.”

Sofieke Suidman-Schuil / Content

I’ve been living in Berlin since the summer of 2013 with my husband and four children. In my work,  I find joy in connecting and supporting people who are establishing themselves anew in Berlin. This is what I do as a career and life coach. Working with Hellow, I will be delivering platform designed to engage and strengthen Hellow as a community while always being on the lookout for interesting events.


“Hellow is an energetic female force in Berlin making a serious statement in empowering professional women and having a lot of fun together.”

Petra van Veelen / Finance & Community

As a designer and engineer, I enjoy creating office spaces that make its users happy. Working with Hellow, my goal is the same: Building a network to make life for professional women easier. Working in the male-dominated engineering field has taught me how important a strong and supportive network of women can be. After relocating to Berlin, I really missed that and wanted to establish new roots in this vibrant economy. As a result, I’m now part of the founders team of Hellow.


“Hellow is not just a network: It’s also a platform for ideas and events that are relevant and empowering for professionals.”

Tamar Hoefman-Mulder / PR & Communication

I’m really excited to be working on the Hellow brand as part of the founding team. As an international marketer and events manager, I am here to ensure that Hellow delivers the experience that have driven all six of us founders to come together and create a professional network for women. I will be building Hellow’s image through marketing and events put together for both men and women.


“Through the events shared and organized, Hellow aims to build connections across networks, industries, and professionals.”

Martiene Raven / President

When I get an idea, it’s hard to let go.  and the best ideas are those that come out of creating cross-industry connections. Meeting new people in Berlin has been so inspiring and has even led me to founding the premiere network for women exclusive to Berlin. I want to build something that will create that same feeling, the same inspiration.

Photography: Albert Raven


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