Article | Defusing an emotionally charged conversation with a colleague


Work with anyone long enough and you’re bound to encounter a difference of opinion.

Most of the time, these disagreements are resolved amicably. But if you’re like most people, every now and then you find yourself immersed in a conversation so emotionally charged it seems to have nothing to do with the issues you’re supposedly discussing.

What do you do when a conversation is spiraling out of control? When you’ve tried all the patient listening you can muster and the other person still won’t budge? How do you get the conversation back on track?

Anthony Suchman has invested a good portion of his career in searching for an answer. A charming physician with a profound intellect, Suchman has been studying the dynamics of human relationships for more than three decades, publishing his results in some of the world’s leading medical journals.

Harvard Business Review 11.01.16 || Ron Friedman

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