Article | Six Women VCs on how they broke into the ultimate boys club

FASTCOMPANY| Just 7% of the top 100 VC firms have partners who are women. Here’s how these young, female investors are beating those odds.

“I’m in public relations, an industry known to be dominated by women. We work with the companies backed by a number of venture capital firms, an industry known to be dominated by men. And not just by a little–by a lot. One thorough study last year found that just 7% of the partners at the leading 100 VC firms are women.

Years ago, I’d find myself stepping into one of those firms’ offices or scanning the crowd at an investor conference and would feel a sharp pang: “Oh, damn. It’s the opposite in this world.” Happily, that feeling hits me less often these days. Change has been painfully slow, but it’s happening as more investors back female founders, more tech insiders tout the profitability of companies with real gender diversity, and more women simply start their own funds. …”

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Fastcompany 03.06.2017 || Beck Bamberger



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