Article | Speaking up for more female speakers at tech conference


It’s still a long way before we will see parity in female and male speakers on panels.

Susan shares in this article how she addressed this at Tech Open Air in Berlin and gives some suggestions how we can all contribute to more equality on stage, like: ‘If you’re asked to speak at an event and for some reason can’t make it, mention five other women who can take your place.’

Over the past few years, I’ve continually been dismayed by how few women are featured as speakers at tech conferences. According to one 2015 study in the U.S., only 25% of speakers at tech events are women — and in Europe I’ve observed certain conferences have fewer than 10%. Such was the case with Tech Open Air (TOA) in Berlin. Their initial line-up of speakers for TOA 2016 included only one female speaker out of 12— less than 10%.

Up until recently I didn’t think there was much I could do to change the imbalance. After all, I didn’t organize these events — or have any particular connection to them. But once I saw the initial TOA line-up with just one woman, I realized I had to take action.

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Forbes 30.08.16 || Susan Danziger


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